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A Little Knowledge on Compounding Pharmacies. What Are They

Medicine men, shamans, priests, alchemists…they have been called various titles over the years, but ever since the first caveman discovered use of some plants and flowers or fungi could cure many ills, there have been a few high status members of every tribe who specialized in healing. The uses of particular plants and formulas were generally handed down from generation to generation and were highly protected secrets known by the select few. These days, while shamans and alchemists still work their wizardry for the remaining indigenous peoples of the world, urban healers can be found at compounding pharmacies where they work in concert with medical professionals and patients.

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Some more helpful info on H1N1 Vaccine and Autism

Can Mercury in Thimerosal be the cause of Autism? The CDC Says..

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Thimerosal….Dissecting the Beast

In no way can I claim an expert understanding of the questions circling Thimerosal and Autism. What I do know is Autism and a limited scientific education, mixed with a serious passion for answers. I want to try and break …

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