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How To Know If You Are On The Autistic Spectrum

The term autistic spectrum has been coined in order to determine the different ways in which people are affected by autism and any related conditions. They are known to affect a broad range of people and if you happen to be affected it will impact on your life in several ways and affect interactions with others.

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The Signs And Symptoms Of Autism Put Simply

Autism is a developmental abnormality which is first seen in childhood. There are different kinds of this condition and some are worse than others. Broadly speaking, it is characterized by poor social interaction and communication. The signs and symptoms of autism are important to recognize early.

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Autism and Birthdays

Today is Kade’s 4th Birthday. It has been a quick 4 years. Kade is making great strides. I think back to a story I heard from a father who has an autistic child. He was discussing his son’s 5th birthday. …

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