Medicines for Autism


Multi Vitamins- I like Lit’ critters gummy Vitamins from Costco.


Methyl B-12 – This is to support brain function


Epson Salt Bath- Great for skin softness and Detoxifying


Cod Liver Oil – Flavored Liquid is the way to go. Look for super processed to eliminate any mercury. Neurological function.


Liquid Gold Colostrums- Colostrum has been called “nature’s first food” because female mammals produce colostrum just before they give birth. I think any parent is familiar with Colostrum. What we may not know is how it could benefit the autistic immune system and growth factors. It contains a perfect combination of vitamins and minerals to the newborn, and has been found to be able to help those not typically developing by increasing growth factors. It is believed to stimulate growth of muscle, skin, cartilage, nerve and bone tissue


Liquid Nystatin- This one has been the absolute BEST for our autistic son. Ufortunately, IT MUST BE PRESCRIBED BY A DOCTOR. He was prescribed for possible fungal buildup in the stomach as many autistic children can develop high yeast amounts in their stomachs. Our doctor gave it to us to try and it has been amazing. He takes it twice a day, in a cap full. It tastes like candy and he is happy to take it everyday. Designed as an Anti-Fungal, this still be used in conjunction with a GFCF Diet or to just help reduce yeast in the body


Three-Lac- Probiotics to give the body healthy flora after removing the yeast


BeneFiber- The benefits of fiber are well know. Many Autistic children develop digestive and bowel problems at an early age. Why that is may remain unknown but the benefits of Fiber are not a mystery. Our son benefited immensely starting at age 2. We believe with the fiber he began to develop a more balance digestive style and at age 4 no longer needed it. We simply added it to juice sippy at night regularly.


Digestive Enzymes- Help the body create the proper enzymes to aid in digestion of foods in the stomach and digestive tract. Autistic children sometimes have a hard time digesting the same foods as others, often leading to stomach aches and not eating.


Emergen C- Support for the immune system. Emergen C is much much more than just vitamin C. With 32 Mineral complexes Emergen C becomes a potent blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. With the Autistic children having diet issues, and often immune system issues, Emergen C can be just the immune booster to help keep our kids healthy.


Oxygen Elements- is designed to distribute oxygen to the cells, increase blood flow, and neutralize free radicals. Oxygen Elements will allows the flushing of lactic acid and can aid in efficient oxygen circulation. Most importantly it helps cells carry oxygen to the brain and supports cells.


RNA drops- Worth looking into.


DMG- Helps with neurological function and behavior issues.

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