Some Of The Potential Causes Of Autism

Autism is a developmental disorder of the brain. Those who have display poor or no communication and a lack of social interaction as well as repetitive behavior. This disease is thought to originate in the fetal or immediately after birth stages and thus the postulated causes all stem from events that may take place during those times.

There is no concrete proof about what causes this disease but scientists have put forward many suggestions including: genetics, vaccines and the exposure to toxins. As more light is shed on the reasons for the suggestions below, you will come to realize that this is a complex disorder and one that may be a mystery for many years to come. Some parents support these suggestions but to others they are controversial.

While the theory of malfunctioning genes as a possible culprit is not proven, it is a good one that gives researchers a lot of insight. Chromosomal abnormalities, rare deletions and duplications and even rare defects are quite possibly where the scientist see the most connection to this disease. Some journal articles will mention hereditary but few give a clear mechanism of action of just how this disorder is originated.

The vaccine argument on the other hand is a little controversial. It suggests that the MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccine along with most of the others given to children cause the development of this neural condition. The mechanism by which they produce this disease is not clear and to many in the medical community, this seems like an irresponsible uttering which may expose children to diseases that are now controlled in many countries.

The exposure to toxins, especially teratogens seems like a credible theory for what potentially causes this disease. Cigarette smoke, pesticides, heavy metals and alcohol have all been fingered as possible culprits. They join a long list of other agents that many think may bring harm to the foetus and alter brain function as a result.

While it is not clear what causes autism, many possible culprits have been named. These range from spontaneous genetic abnormalities to the administration of some vaccines. A parent must therefore be careful about how they process information related to this disease and only take away those things that may be beneficial to the development of their child.

Autism is complicated neural development disorder afflicting one out of every eighty-eight children according to the CDC. The symptoms of autism include impaired communication skills and restricted interests. While a cure hasn’t been found there are many treatments available along with support groups, theraputic sessions and more. Visit to find information on austism.

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