Detecting Autism Symptoms – The Earlier The Better

It is believed, Autism is a brain disorder that persists throughout adulthood and begins in early childhood, usually around the age of 3. It affects crucial areas of development.

Autistic children appear to lack the ability to see things from another person’s perspective, a behavior cited as exclusive to human beings above the age of five and possibly in some primates.

When it comes to autistic traits, they continue into adulthood but they vary in severity. There are adults with autism who earn college degrees, live independently, and does really well. Others, however, may be incorrectly diagnosed with a variety of psychiatric illness since they never developed the skills of daily living.

Autism has an unknown origin and is a pervasive development disorder. It’s not a mental illness but a bioneurological disorder. Some theories suggest that it may be caused by genetics, viral and/or chemical exposure during pregnancy. Based on a list of psychiatric criteria and a series of standardized clinical tests are also used is diagnosis.

Good at some kinds of mental manipulations are autistic individuals and examples include calculations, music, and drawing.

Children with autism can improve their social and other skills with intense therapy, schooling, and practice and soon they can participate in social events but there are no indications of a cure.

Asperger’s syndrome and developmental delay syndromes are two of the related categories of Autism. Because of brain circuitry problems, these syndromes exist.

Looking for symptoms found in sensory integration dysfunction is a key indicator to physicians assessing autism, and this involves children exhibiting problems like oversensitivity to touch, sights, etc. and clumsiness, poor body awareness, and a tendency to be easily distracted. Autistic people may experience difficulty in hearing certain people’s voice while others’ are louder than usual.

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