Compounding Pharmacies Help Patients Who Are Allergic To Preservatives And Fillers In Standard Prescription Medications

Other than the drug they are intended to administer, most of us probably don’t give much thought to what ingredients might be lurking in our medications. Perhaps it is something we ought to pay more attention to, however, because over the counter and prescription medicines often contain a variety of additives, fillers and colorings that have no therapeutic value, and that can even result in adverse reactions in some patients. Responding to unique patient needs, compounding pharmacies in Los Angeles work with doctors to create medicine formulations that are free of these irritants and that provide customized doses to those who require it.

Some of the additives that have been known to cause problems include lactose, sugar, dyes, and the ever-present gluten. For people who are affected by these allergies or complications, some of the typical additives and unnecessary ingredients can have some pretty unpleasant outcomes. These issues can range from headaches to asthma to severe stomach aches, and even, in kids who suffer from ADHD, elevated hyperactivity.

For these individuals, specialty pharmacies provide welcome relief. In their state of the art and strictly regulated laboratories, compounding pharmacies are able to formulate medicines that not only meet the needs of individual patients by leaving out allergens, they can produce the drugs in several delivery forms that make taking them much simpler. For instance, if a patient has difficulty swallowing pills, specialty pharmacies in Los Angeles can create the same drug in the form of a flavored oral syrup.

These compounding pharmacies can also develop medicines that take the form of gummies, transdermal patches, sublingual strips, anal or vaginal suppositories, salves, and eye and ear drops. The idea is to give each patient the precise effective dosage of the drugs that he or she needs in a form that is easy for the patient to administer.

Compounding pharmacies are also beneficial when medications or their ingredients are in high demand or otherwise difficult to come by. Specialty pharmacists have the knowledge and training that allows them to personalize a therapeutic equivalent for the patient, and one that suits his or her needs exactly.

Compounding pharmacies can treat nearly all the problems and illnesses that a standard pharmacy can, but are especially helpful for pain management, pediatrics, geriatrics, hormone replacement, dermatology, and even veterinary care. They have become a valuable and important part of health and medicine.

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