Autism Symptoms Need To Be Detected Early In Life

Autism is a disorder best diagnosed early – the first signs of it usually appear in a child’s first three years but often manifests itself till adulthood. It affects the developmental stage of a child, who would exhibit the symptoms listed below:

Difficulties in learning, including but not limited to speech problems, awkward communication and a lack of inductive learning ability when applied to the child’s environment. A general lack of empathy and inability to deal with other individuals, which is often characterised by indifference to said individuals, including their own parents. lack of social interaction, The child may be easily distracted. A paucity of creative or aesthetic traits. A proclivity to engage in repetitive actions, such as rocking their chair or spinning objects around. reacting extremely to changes in the immediate environment.

Another primary characteristic of autistic children is their inability to see the world as another individual would, which is considered a behaviour innate to humans five years old and above and according to some studies, a few species of primates.

Autistic traits continue into adulthood, but vary in severity. That has not proven a hindrance to some, who have finished college and gone on to live independently or with their own family. Others never develop the skills of daily living, and may be incorrectly diagnosed with a variety of psychiatric illnesses.

Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder with an unknown origin. It is a bioneurological disorder and not a mental illness, which affects the functioning of the brain. Some theories suggest that it may be caused by genetics, viral and/or chemical exposure during pregnancy. Diagnosis of autism can either be confirmed through standardized testing on the subject or a psychiatric checklist of different criteria.

Surprisingly some autistic individuals may be outstandingly good at some kinds of mental manipulations for example, arithmetical calculations, music, drawing etc.

Though the bad news for children with autism is that we have yet to find a cure amid the rapidly changing spectrum of medicine and technology at large, the good news is that regimented therapy and schooling could actually help these children improve their social and physical skills to a point where they can properly socialize with elders and age-mates alike.

Asperger’s syndrome and developmental delay syndromes are two of the related categories of Autism. These conditions are largely connected with the brain’s general circuitry.

To succinctly put it, physicians looking to make a judgmatic prognosis of a child’s autism would want to look for a few key symptoms, and these would include those manifested through sensory integration dysfunction such as oversensitivity or underreactivity to the five senses, a lack of physical grace, a lack of awareness of bodily functions, a tendency towards easy distraction, impulsive thought, speech or behavioral patterns, an inability to accept change/lack of understanding of transition and a tendency to become easily agitated or high-strung. One final manifestation of autism would be their difficulty in hearing the voices of some people, whereas he or she may hear another person’s voice louder.

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