Touch Sense: Why do Autistic Children Need to Chew?

chewigem-the-chewable-necklaceThe body’s sensory channels are responsible in collecting a lot of information which is instantly disseminated to the brain for interpretation and before the consequences of a answer. Noticeably, the conception of stimulus-reaction is not unusual to standard persons where a negative or a positive reaction can be had via a certain stimuli encountered by the body’s sensory system. The term to explain this process is called sensory integration.

The 5 basic senses present in a human body are touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. None of these senses are weaker or stronger from the other because all work evenly in the body. There are only times when one of this can be more dominant because of a stronger power e.g. that of a loud sound, a bad or good smell, or the feeling of pain on the skin. Aside from these important senses, the body also has the capacity to sense movement eg the force of gravity and changes in body position via the joints or muscles. This refers to proprioception.

There different sorts of abnormalities experienced by autistic children and adults which are related to the functions of the 5 senses. Examples of these defects are Autism, Aspergers and Downs Syndrome. When an individual experience any of these disorders, she isn’t in a position to control the five senses typically as it should. Often, they pay no heed to most things while overreact on other stuff. So, there is not any balance on the usefulness of the body’s sensory system. This results to learning issues and aberrant development behaviour.

The concept of mastication or the need to chew is an important issue in the normal process of digestion which done by all human beings. Mastication and autism are a couple of factors that might be quite a difficulty in terms of coordination. The overwhelming need for chewing can sometimes be destructive. Chewing away at can damage clothes, books and other materials. This might also cause a difficulty on the teeth. Except for these, chewing at anything can be deadly due to the chemicals and chemicals that are present in those things being nibbled.

In some cases, chewing can be a type of output where can be calmed down by simply chewing anything. They often find the necessity to gnaw because it causes them satisfaction. With ideas on chewing and behavioral disorders, there are still controversies on a specific chewy item. These are in the shape of dummies which can on occasion be utilised by people for a short term or long term basis. On the contrary, some individuals hate such idea because they develop dependency and unacceptable behavior.

In brief, chewing is required by both normal folks and people with sensory afflictions. So, the presence of a chewing material such that of a Chewigem, can boost positive treatment to autistic children or adults with behaviour disorders. Chewigem is advocated as it shown to be safe and non-poisonous. It is available in a selection of shapes, colors and sizes. It’s also washable with warm water or through a sterilizer nevertheless , this also wants replacement after the ultimate time of consumption. Chewigem is in a form of a chewable necklace that can be used expediently.

The source is the inventor of sensory chewing necklacesand teething necklaces

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