Distinction between Autism, Asperger and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Autism-Spectrum-DisorderAutism is considered as a very severe condition of the disease, autism spectrum disorder is sometimes considered to be a mild condition while Asperger is a form of autistic spectrum disorder. Their differences are hard to point when looking at the general conditions on the patient. But if you take a look at one symptom at a time you will note that there are small minor changes in this conditions that differentiates them. Running into conclusions can be disasters therefore always enquire from an expert who has handled this problem once.

Speech and language skill is one of the disorders every Autistic and Asperger patient will have. From the infant stage you will note an Autistic child since they will have difficulty in blubbering which is the first stages of speech development of a child. Asperger patients cannot be noted at infancy since their communication skills is not much affected. Asperger patients can only be noted at childhood or adult hood when their language skills have developed. Their problem is long endless speech without meaningful or high speech intonation and loud voice. Asperger patients have a very sophisticated language at young age but changes as they grow.

Their problem is dominance when it comes to conversations or doing certain activities, they can put you into long boring conversations which is mostly one sided. A time they choose to speak to people they are familiar with or they prefer and alienate the others.

The other disorder you should consider is repetitive behavior, an autistic patient will do things repetitive like packing a stack of boxes over and over without getting bored. On the other hand Asperger patients will have a repetitive behavior but theirs is completely different, autistic kids can memories models of a certain objects without interest of what the object does.

Autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) children cannot be easily be identified at infant stage of growth since they poses signs of speaking and even develop speech skills well, but sometime later they are lost.

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**Guest Post by Kereb Virtz**

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