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I am sure you are wondering what this site is for? Autismgames.info is a site designed to help a parent or family member who has Autism in their life and they don’t know what to do. This site is designed to help organize the understanding of Autism, give examples, share stories, and add a helping hand when it becomes time to educate.

Some Common Questions many people ask when they are trying to grasp the idea of Autism are….

How do you teach an Autistic child?
How do you get them to interact?
To learn? To listen? To grow? To get better?

We can’t claim to know all the answers but we want to use our experience in the world of Autism to help as many people as we can. Every little bit helps.

Our son Kade was diagnosed Autistic and we had no idea how to help him. Even though had educational experience in Elementary Education we had no idea how to teach our own child. The Autism spectrum is so big, there is not one clear defined way to cure Autism. Every child we have met is unique. We have researched, read, studied and learned what things help an Autistic child to get interested and learn. We wanted to share some of the best educational toys, videos, puzzles and experiences that we have found useful.

Some of the pages in this site are designed to help organize effective toys to use with and autistic child. Autistic children are very fond of stimulation. When a parent can find that stimulation and harness it in an educational environment, it is simply amazing what the autistic children are capable of. Some of these toys we have seen and used at therapy and others we have used with our own son. Each item has a brief description of the item and ways to use they toy to get the most out of it. Under this description you will find ways the toys can be used to work with your kids. ABA therapy is the basis for these toys and descriptions. It has been studied and researched and found very effective for many behavioral and learning challenges we find with autistic children. We have designed this as a work in progress to help everyone keep up the fight to cure autism. We hope you find both the descriptions and toys useful!!

Again, Thanks for the visit. We hope we can help you find a path to success with your Awwwetistic child.
Good Luck and God Bless!

Danon, Cori, Kade and Keegan Law

P.S…We would also like to encourage every family out there with an Autistic child to join your local-Walk Now for Autism Speaks. See dates and locations @www.walknowforautismspeaks.org. I believe that together we can make a difference!

  1. there is still no permament solution for autism. we just have to take good care of the kids who are suffering autism.*:`

  2. Hi, thank you for the great post. You don’t know how this helped me.

  3. there has been no permanent cure for autism yet but i think stem cells could also help,*-

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  6. hi, I am a new teacher assistant working one on one with a child that autism. I am wondering if anybody has any recommendations on games that will help his fine motor skills and in the process won’t bore him. I found that keeping him busy with work makes him happy. But he is so smart that he does his work in a few minutes leaving us with nothing to do for the next few hours of school.

  7. Hi Sandra!
    How old is the kiddo you are working with? I think the games would really be dependent on age. It’s a good thing that your student is a super good student and loves his homework! I think there is no such thing as too much reading and writing! There is no concept, or no subject our kids can’t learn if they can read and write well!

  8. This will be a terrific website, could you be interested in doing an interview about how you designed it? If so e-mail me!

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